Introducing the new Executive Director

My name is Cheryl Zaw, I've recently relocated to Inuvik from Edmonton to take on the role of Executive Director at the Inuvik Youth Centre.  I have a husband who is originally from Burma, two small children and a cat named Pete (Pete Zaw....get it?!?) at home.  We were all so relieved upon our arrival to find such a welcoming and genuinely helpful community of people here.

My background educationally is in Theology (BA) and Community Education (MA), and my experience is broad and nomadic.  I've traveled much of Asia and given much of the past decade to living intentionally alongside the Urban Poor.  I've worked with homeless serving agencies in Vancouver, Edmonton and Oakland, California.  I also have a long running habit of getting involved with youth wherever I end up as I believe prevention is one of the best uses of our time and energy - and because the energy and potential of youth around the world deserves our very best support.

In my down-time I'm usually giving elephant rides to my kids, building block towers, baking bread or trying to sneak in a good read while I'm getting the kids down to bed.  I love challenges and I'm always trying to better understand the world around me.  My favourite thing is a good question.

I look forward to meeting more of you from the community and working together to provide the best future possible for our youth - as their future and ours is one and the same.

Mahsi Cho!