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Help us help youth

posted Nov 8, 2012, 3:18 PM by Admin istrator
Right now the youth centre is on a great stretch! We've got three programs on the brink of getting started - Delta Girls, Sports program, Healthy Chefs - and volunteers running programs such as knitting, guitar and sewing. We've got a steady bit of funding to keep us going over the next few months and are developing a dedicated
group of youth and volunteers. It's a vibrant place, these days!

What we need from the Inuvik community is more volunteers willing to help out on drop-in hours, and board members. These two roles are crucial to maintaining the sustainability of the youth centre. Although we have some funding, we don't have nearly enough to support the ideal three or four supervisor we need during drop-in times. Although we have a few dedicated volunteers right now, we don't want to burn them out.

Board members are also crucial to providing guidance and direction to the future of the youth centre. Without a plan and governance the youth centre will falter. We're looking for people who have specific experience in a number of different areas. See the poster below if you're interested!